Friends of Jim Fulner is the FEC registered campaign committee for Libertarian Congressional Candidate Jim Fulner in his quest for US House District 9. In Michigan.

Jim was born on May 24, 1983 in his family's home in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Jim moved to the town of McKinley, Wisconsin in 1989 where his father took up farming. On his father's farm Jim learned the value of hard work and a day's wage. Jim was raised in a Christian home and has been a born again Christian since age 9.
For most of Jim's life he has been active in the Boy Scouts of America first joining Tiger Cubs in 1989. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout as well as being the first Venturer in his Crew to earn the Silver Award, Scouting's top leadership award for young adults. After graduating from Cumberland High School in 2001, Jim joined the United Sates Coast Guard Reserve because he felt a strong need to serve his country after years in the scouting program and learning from his favorite scout leader, the late World War II veteran Art Yousten.
During basic training Jim learned a new respect for life. He learned that God had a definite plan for his life that was outside the little world Jim had given himself. Jim also first started to notice the massive amount of government waste that is occurring right under our noses, a discovery that eventually led to him joining the Libertarian Party.
After completing Coast Guard basic training Jim started attending Northern Michigan University, where he graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Political Science in 2005. While at NMU Jim remained an avid member of the USCGR. Most of that time he serve as the senior ranking reservist onboard the USCGC Buckthorn with a homeport in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.
In 2008 Jim married his college sweetheart Suzanne. They moved to Southeastern Michigan shortly thereafter and bought a house in Berkley, just before the Obama housing credit went into effect, where they now live with their cat Mephisto. In 2010 Jim enrolled in Oakland Community College to study Software Engineering and is now employed as a Systems Engineer for an automotive supplier.
Throughout his years serving in the Coast Guard, studying in public schools and now working in the highly subsidized automotive industry, Jim continued to see government waste in most every aspect of life. He knew it was time for a change, and as always change has to start at home. So in 2012 Jim Fulner declared himself a candidate for US House District 9 against longtime incumbent Sandy Levin. Jim knows change starts not with government, but with individuals, through helping our neighbors, voluntarily. He's running for congress, not to get a shiny badge and tell you how to run your life, but to enlighten Michiganders to the world we could have if we eliminated force for political and social goals. To show that the Declaration of Independence is still relevant today, and it is time for individuals to declare their own independence and stand up against the banksters, the frauders, the politicians, and be freee. Jim believes that now is the time for the citizens of district 9 to take to the streets and start their own libertarian rEVOLution.
Jim knows that his campaign is only the beginning to, as St. Francis said, being the change he wishes to see in the world. Jim and Suzanne are expecting their first child, just after the November election.