The Int'l Fund for Horses got its start on February 3, 2003 with a grassroots group of around 200 advocates called Texans for Horses. Our success in Texas caught national attention and rapidly expanded to include horse lovers from around the United States.

The group incorporated as a not for profit public charity on September 16, 2003, under the name The Fund for Horses. As our influence reached beyond the United States, The Fund for Horses amended its name to Int'l Fund for Horses on June 7, 2004.

The Int'l Fund for Horses was granted 501(c)(4) tax exempt status effective from the date of incorporation. Our organization is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by its Officers.


The mission of the Int'l Fund for Horses is to promote the health, safety and welfare of equines worldwide, both domestic and in the wild.


The Int'l Fund for Horses is the single most influential lobbying and watchdog organization dedicated to equine welfare.  Our purpose is to get stronger equine protection laws into place and encourage the enforcement of existing laws; intervene on behalf of horses in health, safety and welfare issues; and act as industry watchdogs. Headquartered in the United States, the Int'l Fund for Horses has a broad-based membership of grassroots lobbyists in seven countries.


Protecting Horses through Intervention, Education and Legislation


History shows the equine has been an integral and vital part in the expansion and development of our world.

Horses have been bred, lived, worked and even died to suit our purposes.

Horses are not a commodity, but sentient beings with a high degree of physical, emotional and spiritual sensitivity.

Horses do not belong to us, but are fellow citizens, and their wants, desires and needs should be respected.

Inflicting pain, suffering and anguish on horses in any way is immoral and a gross act of betrayal.

What We Do

Some examples of activities we carry out are:

   Send Alerts to our constituent base outlining what action to take to effect the passage of horse protective legislation

   Lobby for the passage of horse friendly legislation at the State and Federal levels

   Develop and implement exciting and successful campaigns tackling specific horse welfare issues

   Work with government agencies, appointed officials and industry leaders, advising on changes for fairer and more humane treatment of horses

   Intervene in court proceedings where there are confiscated horses in abuse cases

   Draw public attention to horse abuse and welfare issues

   Conduct privates investigations into alleged abuse, neglect and murder cases

How We Do It

   Educating on grassroots lobbying techniques and etiquette

   Professional mentoring and employment of lobbyists

   Street teaming

   Phone teaming

   Newspaper and magazine advertising

   Billboard advertising

   Press releases

   Media and website editorials

   Table at horse related events

   Design and distribute door hangers, posters, pamphlets and flyers

   Sponsor research and reports

   Fund private investigations into reports of abuse

   Assist federal, state, county and city law enforcement in dealing with crimes against equines

   Form and collaborate with national and international equine protection coalitions

If you love horses, you will love the Int'l Fund for Horses.