Funding Solutions Management is a synergetic project management-consulting firm advising and implementing solutions that produce business growth and prosperity.  We believe that “Visions and Ideas” come in all different sizes and shapes and Funding Solutions Management performs a configuration of services and provides products that structure a platform of creative economic development solutions to support those “Visions and Ideas.”  

Funding Solutions Management offers over five (5) years of experience working with small and minority businesses, nonprofit organizations, public housing authorities, and government entities and performing grantwriting services, proposal writing, business plan preparation, research and development strategies, fundraising, organizational management, business and program development, program and organization budgets and projections, grant and contract management, and securing over $13M dollars across successful grants, fund development strategies, and business contracts.

Since 2007, Funding Solutions Management’s success results from innovative and strategic ideas, concepts, and/or plans that present paths to achieving the client’s goals and objectives through the below services:

-Capital Development (Sponsorship, Financing, Business Grants, Competitions, Contests).
-Crowdfunding Platforms (Design and Implementation).
-Public and Private Contract Sourcing and Proposal Development.
-Business Plans (Operational, Financing).
-Working Capital Solutions (factoring and online credit line).
-Grants and Contract Management.
-Business Development Services.
-Grant Sourcing and Proposal Development.

Funding Solutions Management works diligently, in partnership, with the client to bring economic value in what we do.  Our products encompass Business Development, Organizational Management, and Capital Development by a skilled and knowledgeable team.  Services provide virtual and/or onsite technical assistance on to businesses located in the United States on a day-to-day or per assignment basis from designing strategies to implementing operations to performing continual support to build economic development within the business.

Funding Solutions Management is the “right fit” for clients seeking a consultant with in-depth experience in procuring large multi-year grants and contracts and securing funding through fundraising and cash injection products to include fundraising campaigns, business plans, and preparation of financing packages.  Funding Solutions Management is also the “right fit” for clients seeking a full range of technical support and consulting services that support strategies to build effective, engaging, and efficient business products, programs, and resources.  For the past five (5) years, Funding Solutions achievements include the attached portfolio of competency.  Progress to date is that Funding Solutions Management now is an affiliate of three (3) direct lenders that offer short-term cash flow solutions to growing the business’ revenues by monetizing future receivables.

Funding Solutions Management
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