What would you do to help a homeless stranger?
Would you donate the amount of money you spent on Christmas decorations last year? One act of kindness can change the life of someone in need. Pay it forward by donating the amount of money you spent on Christmas decorations last year to end homelessness.

The Number of Homeless Children Hit A New Record
1 in 45 children in America are homeless each year.
That's 1.6 million children.
The number of homeless students in the United States has hit a record high, according to new data from the Department of Education.

Ending homelessness is in our reach. It would cost about $20 billion to effectively eliminate homelessness in the United States according to Housing and Urban Development.
That's just slightly less money than Americans spend on Christmas decorations, according to an analysis from ThinkProgress.

Teroy Mills Housing Services Inc., a non profit organization is an innovative program to end homelessness in our communities.

For homeless, a home may be the best rehab. Teroy Mills Housing Services Inc. mission is to end homelessness.

We purchase foreclosed and abandoned homes and apartment buildings then, refurbish them to provide affordable housing to homeless children, families, and individuals. This program can provide housing and all needed services to the homeless at a cost of 17,000 dollars a year per person. For every $17,000 raised we can save one American from being homeless.

Teroy Mills Housing Service Inc. was created on the belief that without affordable, adequate housing, all other social investments are at risk.

On any given day, at least 800,000 Americans, including about 200,000 children, find themselves without a home.

Help us provide affordable housing for the homeless. Let's not let another day go by where 200,000 children are homeless.

You Can Help
We are asking each person to donate the amount of money they spent on Christmas decorations last year in our efforts to end homelessness in America.

Bring Awareness to the Crisis of Homelessness In America
Please share this campaign to bring awareness to the crisis of the rising numbers of homeless people in America.

Teroy Mills Housing Services Inc. mission is to end homelessness. Vision Statement: To provide a safe haven to the homeless and low-income populations, while allowing them dignity and restoring hope and the assurance that someone cares. The Teroy Mills Housing Services Inc. mission is to mobilize the community to empower homeless individuals, families and those in crisis to strive for self-sufficiency.

Teroy Mills, CEO
Teroy Mills Housing Services Inc. was created to address the unprecedented crisis in affordable housing for homeless and very low to low income.
Mr. Teroy Mills, Jr., a long time resident of the city of Muskegon, Michigan, formed the Teroy Mills Housing Services, Inc. in 2008. He formed this not for profit, 501c3 organization because after being homeless a few times himself, he saw that there was a need to provide more housing opportunities for the homeless and low-income population of Muskegon County.

Kim Shaun, Board Member

Kim Shaun is the Financial President and Funding Director for Teroy Mills Housing Services Inc. Kim also, serves on the Board of Directors. She has worked for the Teroy Mills Housing Services Inc. since, it began in 2008.

It is winter, we need to get these people and children off the streets now! Your one act of kindness by donating to the End Homelessness Campaign will make a huge difference in the life of a homeless individual or family who will benefit by having a place to live and call home. The struggles are real and if you have ever been in a tough situation you can relate to these people. The loss of jobs and high cost of housing has led to a crisis in the homeless community. Many of these people lived in the suburbs at one time and were just like you. Many Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless. Teroy Mills Housing Services is committed to making affordable housing available for everyone!

Each day and each year, the number of homeless people and children in America rises drastically. We can't just keep turning our heads.

Donations can be made here >>> http://www.gofundme.com/6pcfwo