Fundthatdeal.com was set up by professionals who know the real estate business inside out. Real estate professionals, investors, brokers and marketing experts – people who completely understand the market and the opportunities.

We saw, first hand, the problems the banking crisis created for both developers and investors. Borrowing from banks became a no-go for many people, plummeting interest rates meant poor returns on savings and the stock market became a risky option. The real estate market needed a helping hand!

We knew investments in real estate still had the potential to make strong returns for those who know where to find the deals. So, we created Fund That Deal to connect private investors with cash-poor real estate entrepreneurs.

Our site gives entrepreneurs a showcase to present their hottest deals to people actively interested in real estate investment. For private investors, it provides automatic alerts and clear information about the kind of money making opportunities you’re looking for.

fundthatdeal.com gives both parties the tools to find each other.