Fund Your Travel(FYT) is a community - of the travelers, by the travelers, for the travelers and FundYourTravel.com (website) will be an online crowdfunding platform.
The platform will be used by travelers all around the world to submit and present their exceptional, out-of-the-box travel plans(projects) and get it funded by the FYT community of travelers and also by sponsors who would be looking for opportunities to create brand awareness.

All the travelers who sign up at www.fundyourtravel.com will get a chance to submit and present their creative travel projects to the FYT team. The FYT team will look into each of the travel projects and will present the same to our network of interested sponsors. The sponsors would get a chance to choose and fund(partially or completely) the travel project of their liking. The travel projects are then also put forward to the FYT community where any number of individuals can fund and back the travel projects.

Travelers would be required to blog about thier trip, write on-the-go stories, post frequent updates, post photos and videos throughout their trip. And each of the trips will be followed by the entire FYT community and by the online media throughout the world.
This way FYT would achieve a win-win situation for the sponsors, the travelers and the community!

Access to the FYT community, the website and the services provided by FundYourTravel, is possible only by signing up.
People who sign up and invite more than 3 people get first access.
People who sign up and invite 3 people would get second access.
People who sign up and invite less than 3 people would be last to get access.