With all of the latest publicity in the news about voicemail hacking, how sure can you be that your phone is secure from any threats?  
The News of the World scandal appeared to be enclosed to the United Kingdom at first, but now  we have found out the no longer functioning newspaper had actually managed to gain access to the voicemail of people who died in the 9/11 terrorist attack.
You are probably wondering how were they able to do it? What first springs to mind is it must be very technical and take some time to hack in to the voicemail? It turns out this isn’t the case, in fact it is very simple: most mobile phones come with a preset pin number such as 0000 to alter their voicemail settings, most people don’t actually know they should really change this in order to make it more secure and stop anybody from accessing their voicemail messages.
To secure your voicemail from hackers all you need to do is change your password to something more challenging it really is that simple. Don’t choose anything related to something in your life that people will be able to guess such as your date of birth. If you are unsure of how to change the pin to your phone I suggest that you contact your network provider for information on how to do so. I also suggest that you change your password quite regularly this will help maximize the security on your phone.  Below is some advice on what not to do when choosing your new pin code.
•     Do not use any part of your mobile phone number.
•     Do not use your date of birth.
•     Do not tell anyone at all your pin code keep this strictly to yourself.
•     Do not store your pin code anywhere in your phone or anywhere else.

Hacking into anyone’s voicemail is highly illegal and I strongly advise against doing it. I happen to have firsthand experience of my own voicemail settings being hacked and changed a few years ago when I was in school. I found out this was carried out by a group of friends just wanting to leave funny voicemail greetings on my phone. It can happen to absolutely anyone yet it is so simple to prevent.