Funtown is a marketing and talent agency that focuses on nightlife entertainment. We book talent for festivals, art galleries, nightclubs, music videos, fashion events and more. Funtown has an exciting cast of artists on its roster that includes hoop dancers, fire performers, belly dancers, live painters, fan dancers, VJs, and other hard-to-find artists in the ever changing world of entertainment.

Aside from booking talent, Funtown also offers extensive event marketing packages for our clients. Our marketing team can create event posters, logos, digital banners, newspaper ads and album artwork. We can distribute your message through innovative guerilla marketing tactics and help you navigate your way through all the social media sites... and have fun doing it!

We are based out of Philadelphia but thanks to the popularity of the Internet and digital promotions the Funtown vibe has been spreading throughout the world. Funtown was formed in 2007 by Matt Deifer and he brings over 10 years of music and entertainment experience to the company. He is an avid music lover and an accomplished painter, talent agent, graphic designer and promoter.

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Matt Deifer's Biography:
Matt Deifer harnesses the world of the surreal into the realm of the passionate and spiritual with paintings meant to stimulate senses you never even knew you had. With Wassily Kandinsky's innovative work involving the marriage of vision and sound always in mind, Deifer's work is designed to put universal unity on display. His pieces, which evoke everything from emotional chaos to the deepest, calmest spiritual place you've ever been, flow into each other much like the songs on your favorite mixtape.

Matt Deifer was born and raised in Coplay, Pennsylvania, where he started to shape his original style of art. As a graduate of the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, Matt played an intrinsic part in starting the See Spot Art Gallery in the Ithaca Commons, an area noted in numerous publications as being among the most enlightened in the country. Ithaca fed Matt's hunger for the type of live, free-form music he always listens to while creating, and he can often be found painting live on stage at events throughout the east coast.

A "think big" expressionist in all he does, Matt Deifer is also an accomplished talent agent, graphic designer and promoter; he's developed cover art for numerous bands and books specialty performers at festivals and other events for Funtown Productions, a Philadelphia-based company he currently runs.