Funzi is a revolutionary mobile learning and information services platform for emerging markets. Founded in February 2014, Funzi takes its name from funza, meaning learning in Swahili, and is inspired by Africa - the continent of growth.
Funzi provides services that result in immediate impact, allowing users to develop new skills and empower collaboration between individuals and experts. All Funzi services are built around a revolutionary service design DNA that combines the development of knowledge and skills with the social components of sharing.

Funzi content is delivered like a pack of cards, with each service broken down into smaller, easily understood and digestible sections. Following reading and understanding a card, the user may have the opportunity to answer a quiz question, receiving instant confirmation of what they have learnt and understood.

Funzi’s card-deck approach allows information to be presented in a way that is understood globally, it is a method already used in learning and has a built-in social component intrinsic to its design.

The service delivers useful information that is practical, can be used immediately, and can be consumed within minutes. We value our relationship with the user and so content and learning is delivered on the device you trust most, your mobile.

The user’s whole sociograph is included, allowing them to connect and share content with friends and family.  There are no shortcuts to learning and when the user takes a Funzi quiz there is only one chance to get the answer right.