The Furthering Fathering Corporation is a non-profit organization striving to increase the importance and awareness of fatherhood in communities throughout the nation. The Furthering Fathering Corporation is a safe place for fathers to become better prepared, responsive and responsible parents and men; thus, The Furthering Fathering Corporation ultimately purposed to improve the state of each family served.
In September 2015, The Furthering Fathering Corporation opened their office in Rochdale Village Mall on 165-48 Baisley Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11434. Services include fatherhood training, parental counselling, spiritual counselling, prayer, legal insight for family court and child support issues. Every Thursday evening between 5pm and 7pm and Saturday mornings between 10am and 1pm the office is open for fathers seeking to create and build relationships with their children; women and children are also welcome and offered services.

Our mission is to minister the elevating, promoting, enhancing and furthering of fathering by establishing love, acceptance, identity, approval, encouragement, truth and growth.