Yichuan Shengyu Abrasives Co.,Limited is a  manufacturer of Brown Fused Alumina(Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide, Refined Artificial Brown Corundum) and White Fused Alumina located in China. This profile is news and events on our company.

Brown Fused Alumina is an electro fused artificial corundum obtained from the smelting process of bauxite. It's a hard, tough, fireproof, abrasion resistant material.

Typical Contents
Aluminium Oxide Al2O3: 95%
TiO2: 1.8%-3%
SiO2: 1.5%max
Fe2O3: 0.3%max

We make FEPA sizes F8-F220,F280-F1000 for resin bonded wheels,vitrified bonded wheels and other bonded abrasives products, also for sandblasting,shot blasting, cutting discs, flapping discs, polishing media etc. P8-P220 for coated abrasives tools like sandpapers,sandbelts etc.0-1mm,1-3mm and 3-5mm for refractory products and unshapped refractory. Refractory products include refractory mortars, refractory cement, refractory crucibles,furnaces etc.

1M./T Big Bag
25kg Bag, 40 Bags on a Wood Pallet

For more information,please visit our website: www.sy-fusedalumina.com