In 2004, foneGEAR set to work providing customers with accessories to protect, stylize and make the most of their cell phones. Our cases, headphones and chargers were what the growing population of cell phone users were looking for, but it soon became clear that the need and want for cool, high-quality accessories didn't stop at phones.

As technology advanced by leaps and bounds in those few, short years, folks started staying connected, productive and entertained with a range of mobile devices. We wanted to give our customers the quality, innovative foneGEAR products they’d come to expect for all of their devices, so in 2010, fuse was born.

fuse is all about convergence — connecting you 24/7 to the electronics you use everyday. Our products are designed to enhance your technology and make your life easier while showing off your personal style.

And while we like to think we've thought of everything you could ever want for your phone, tablet, GPS and MP3 player, we're not slowing down. We stay on top of technology trends and the newest models to continue bringing our customers the latest and greatest fuse products.

fuse is a wholly-owned brand of foneGEAR, LLC Rochester Hills, Michigan.