Fusion offers a unique kind of outsourcing. Our goal is to push the boundaries of possibility, bringing experience and a passion for technology that helps us align with your core business objectives. Our Outsourcing services include everything a scaling business needs to find success.

Executive Assistant – Virtual assistants in tune with your core business objectives offer a standby workforce that executes your vision. The miscellaneous operations within your work hours such as email management, CRM management, etc., can be handled by executive assistants.

Insurance Support Services – For all the insurance agencies and agents, we provide best-in-class support for insurance companies that includes claim management and other critical processes. We offer a client-centric approach to the work we do.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – We bring an advanced internet recruitment strategy to help the candidates face tomorrow’s challenges. Fusion inculcate the best HR and hiring practices for various businesses.

Real Estate Services – There is a range of sales and compliance support provided to the extensive range of clients. The mortgage brokers can receive great assistance from the virtual assistants at fusion as we upgrade the services and save the infrastructure costs.

Healthcare BPO – The support staff at fusion assists in generating reports based on your patient related information. The healthcare institutions including clinics and hospitals can extend their claim verification process, refund statements, and reports for management to us.

Mobile/Web Application Development – Specializing in several programming languages, and the latest techniques in both desktop and mobile application development, Fusion helps build the proprietary technology that helps your business grow.

E-commerce Support - We pride ourselves in finding the right resolution to the unique challenges every business faces. Working together with your in-house support, we offer cost-efficient solutions to scaling businesses that streamline the customer support experience.

Data Services – Fusion deploys a team of data miners focused on critical support, from finding new talent to making more efficient use of business outreach opportunities. Living to the expectations of the team, we help in sorting your important information.

Accounting and Bookkeeping – Fusion handles the financial intricacies of your businesses so you can focus on core objectives. The staff is trained to work with modern HR systems, payroll, accounting, and other budgetary aspects related to scaling organizations.

Voice Support Services – Client-facing support handles technical and basic customer concerns, with an emphasis on improving accessibility through phone and voice support.

Research and Analysis – We employs great minds that utilize internet research techniques to provide you high-level answers to the important questions your business faces.

Customer On-Boarding and Support – The seasoned support staff is ready to implement valuable on-boarding resolutions that improve customer engagement and resolve returns, exchanges, and other conflicts.