FusionLayer solutions have been designed for service providers and data centers that operate at scale. Our Software-Defined IPAM solution provides 10x scalability compared to competing solutions. Unlike most DNS, DHCP and IPAM (together DDI) vendors with foundation on customized hardware, FusionLayer solutions leverage our patented software appliance architecture supporting most x86-based virtual and native machines. Customers of FusionLayer are able to deploy elastic cloud and networking environments with:

- Plug-and-play support for open source and proprietary technologies
- Slashed Operating Expense (OPEX) through end-to-end automation
- Unified management and provisioning of all blocks and networks
- Real-time reporting and visibility into all networks
- Scalable architecture supporting tens of millions of objects
- Use any x86-based computing environment for deployment
- Deploy a flexible carrier-grade architecture for DNS and DHCP
- Self-protecting VNFs with built-in firewalls and Intrusion Prevention
- Implement highly scalable virtualized DNS and DHCP services
- Adhere to ETSI standards in vDNS and vDHCP implementations