The company has been fast growing since 2002, with over 1,000 customers in 80 countries around the world. The production plant – equipped with the latest generation of machines and software – is conveniently based in Dubai, one of the world’s largest transportation hubs, making all destinations easily accessible.

FutureCard holds accreditation and certificates (ISO 9001, Visa, MasterCard, PCIDSS) from international organisations and is the only UAE company in the card manufacturing industry to hold Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) from GSM Association in security and data protection, which reflects the quality featured in each product.
FutureCard sees a steady increase in revenue each year and an average of 75 million units marketed each month.

Types of FutureCard Products:
- Plastic cards
- Scratch cards
- Smart cards (memory, microprocessor, contactless)

Services of FutureCard:
- Issuance Solutions (Personalization services, fulfilment, central & instant issuance)
- Consulting Services (EMV migration, technical support, project management)
- Artwork Solutions (live sampling, artwork development)

Industries using FutureCard Products:
- Telecom (scratch, memory, SIM/USIM/RUIM)
- Banking (magnetic stripe, EMV contact and dual interface)
- Government and Public Sector (ID, PKI, health, transport, corporate)
- Commercial (loyalty, retail, hotels, airlines)

Worldwide FutureCard Offices
- UAE: Production, Sales, techno centre
- France: Sales, techno centre
- Spain: Sales
- Jordan: Sales
- South Africa: Sales
- Moscow: Sales
- Turkey: Sales

FutureCard Design
- Software Development: chip data preparation and personalization, Key Management, HSM interfacing, Sim toolkit, applets, tools, utilities and solutions
- Production R&D: new materials, printing effects, innovation, quality
- Assistance on Artwork: design, approval and production
- Technical Assistance: Support, consultancy and project management

FutureCard Manufacturing
- Materials: paper, PVC, bio PVC, coloured PVC, polycarbonate, PET, ABS
- Printing: offset, silk-screen, security features, (UV, ink, guilloches, microprint, OVI),
effects (tactile, transparent, holographic)
- Finishing: lamination (matt, glossy, mirror), security elements (hologram, signature panel,
scratch panel)
- Chip Embedding: contact memory, microprocessor chips, contactless chips, dual
interface cards

FutureCard Customisation
- Various Card Shapes: mini card, 3in1, baggage tag
- Data Management: secure date transfer, checking, processing
- Personalisation: graphical (embossing, inkjet, thermal printing, photo printing, laser),
security elements (magstripe, scratch PIN panel, barcode), chip personalisation (applet,
data, keys in contact/contactless interfaces)
- Fulfilment: carrier printing and personalisation, matching, folding, enveloping
- Packaging: various shapes (wrapping, CD/DVD case), user manuals and more