FutureCycle Press (www.futurecycle.org) is dedicated to publishing lasting English-language poetry in both print-on-demand and ebook formats. The press's goal is to preserve for posterity historically valuable contemporary work of the kind that is typically lost due to lack of commercial viability and the constraints of traditional publishing. As academic publishers (who used to serve this purpose) see their funding dwindle and are forced to cut back, small independent publishers like FutureCycle Press are stepping up to the newer technologies to take up the slack.

Founded by long-time independent editor/publishers and partners Diane Kistner and Robert S. King, the press incorporated as a nonprofit in 2012 with Kistner as President and Director. All press editors and designers, some of them distinguished poets and writers in their own right, volunteer their time and expertise to the press.

Since 2008, the press has awarded the FutureCycle Poetry Book Prize and honorarium in juried competition. In 2012, with publication of AMERICAN SOCIETY: WHAT POETS SEE, the Good Works projects were seeded; these anthologies will each examine a universally significant theme such as education, homelessness, aging, or the climate. All proceeds from the sale of the Good Works anthologies will be donated to a related worthy cause.

Because of its unique publishing model, FutureCycle Press is completely self-funding. With a solid reputation and a growing catalog of impressive books by some of the most interesting poets and writers working today, in the Director's words: "We are a small press determined to look like a big one."