Future Star Software is vertically focused on retail repair stores and shops by providing a system that integrates point of sale, product repair process, inventory tracking, employee management along with a business management and marketing system.

We believe using a complete system with automated features will improve time management, help make better decisions, and increase company growth for the business. We provide this capability with our MaNova application to help manage your business rather than the business managing you.  

Why Chose Us….
•     Low cost subscription-based model helps retailer to keep their cost down
•     Extensive experience in retail repair environments, with a focus on computer repair stores
•     Full integrated system that provides visibility across customer, products, personnel and provides multiple functions of the retail business environment
•     Rapid deployment and single point for upgrades to the system
•     Easy to use with a simplified configuration
•     We can provide consulting services to help you manage the business rather than the business managing  you