FAQ Gold Cafe:
1.     What is the concept of Fuveco Cafe:
Fuveco cafe is promoted by Fuveco Pvt. Ltd. Based out of Mumbai the Commercial capital of India. The Co. has professionals having experience of 20 to 30 years in the field . The Co. is planning to open over 2000 COCO based Franchisee cafe across 70 cities in India stating with Mumbai and MMR region.
2.     What products Co. wants to sell:
The Co. Wants to promote the products ranging from hot tea/Coffee, cold drinks, c Health juices, Quick bites ETC. keeping in mind the Best of world health and hygiene factor in mind through such cafe.(Refer the Menu)
3.     How are the price points and Margin:
The prices of all the products are most are true value for money and are the most competitive in the franchisee operation in India. Also the profit margins are the best in the industry. (Refer attached menu)
4.     What is  one time investment:
The investment for Gold cafe is Rs. 9 lacs and for Silver cafe is Rs. 5 lacs.
5.     What is included in the investment:
The investment includes Tea and coffee hot machines, Cold Drink and Juices machines, Refrigerator. Microwave oven, Computer, Wi-Fi connection, TV, Billing software and Hardware, Complete world class interiors of the cafe, Licence and other statutory  requirements, and one week of raw material supplies .Co. Do not keep any profit from the investment and there is no separate franchisee fees as being charged by other players in the market. Your investment is completely spent on the cafe making fully operational.
6.     How are the interiors of cafe:
The interiors of the cafe is developed and designed by professional having years of experience in the field and will be the best in the industry and can be compared to any world class cafes. The interiors are based on some of the best European design and formats.
7.     What is the space requirement:
For Gold cafe space requirement is 100 Sq. Ft. Plus and for Silver Cafe it should be 50 to 75 Sq. Ft.
8.     Type of Area required to open cafe:
The cafe should be in the area where there are maximum walk ins. Places like Busy market places, Railway stations, It parks, Malls etc. Etc.
9.     Taxation:
Since it is a company operated cafe. Billing is done by Co to end consumers and GST is also paid by the Co. The cafe is operated under Co. GST registration. All you have to take care is that of Income tax.
10.     Publicity/Promotions:
The Co. Will carry out all types of promotions including Digital marketing, Web based promotions and other Outdoor/Print/ TV etc from time to time.
11.     How the health and hygiene issues are taken care:
The Cafe have to follow strict Health and Hygiene guidelines and parameters issued by the Co. the All products sold are hygienically packed and served Compared to Various street foods /Tea/ coffee sellers who do not follow any health and hygiene related guidelines , Fuveco cafe will follow all the parameters best defined in the industry.
12.     What type of software and Hardware are provided:
The 100% hardware and billing software is provided by the Co. Each sale is recorded   in Co. servers . This is to avoid any kind of GST issues. Both Co. and Cafe operator can see the daily and monthly reports and proceed of sales and commission.
13.     How Raw material is supplied:
The Co. based on sales which are recorded on real time basis will design the minimum stock level of inventory to be kept at cafe and also replenish the same through sale based supply Chain cycles on weekly/ bi weekly basis.
14.     Product Expansion:
Please refer to the attached menu.To start the cafe operation Co. will supply products and raw material as part of your investment as per the current menu. Co. will add products from time to time to make you cafe operations more profitable.
15.     Will parcel service’s be allowed:
Yes Co. Will create a robust parcel service system so that cafe can cater to nearby Offices/ Commercial establishments.
16.     What Help Co. will provide for day to day operation:
The Co. Trained professionals will visit the cafe from time to time to guide you and assist to increase sales on daily basis and maximise your profit.
17.     Is minimum returns assured:
Yes Co. Gives minimum guarantee to cover your total expenses plus 24% minimum returns on your investment . E.g. with rent you yearly expenses will be Rs. 7.5 lacs Co. gives the same plus Rs. 2.04 lacs as minimum profit returns guarantee. If the space is owned by you the rent is excluded. 24% is the minimum returns however refer the attached sheet, your earnings could go as high as Rs, 1 lac per month based on daily sales/ promotions/ price points/ parcel service’s etc.etc.
18.     Can Cafe sell products other than provided by the Co.
NO. Cafe cannot sell any other products however  depending upon the demand in the area and competition. Cafe can recommend to add products and Co. from time to time will increase the product range.

Yes Co. will provide mobile and computer based application .