First World Business Consultants offers services in the following areas:- Strategic Environmental and Sustainability Information; Environmental Policy and Programmes; Environmental Management Systems; Environmental Auditing, Assessment and Training; Report and Systems Verification; Assurance Programmes; Environmental policies and legislation are changing rapidly, as is the manner in which these are interpreted and applied.

National and International Standards organisations are beginning to introduce formalised standards for environmental management systems. The British Standards Institute (BSI) first started the process by producing BS 7750: 1992 - Specification for Environmental Management Systems and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) followed not long after with SABS 0251:1993 Code of Practice for Environmental Management Systems. The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has produced an environmental management systems standard (ISO 14000) series which dovetails with the ISO 9000 quality systems series.

We have had extensive, practical experience in setting up environmental auditing systems and our manual on environmental auditing is due to be published in the near future.
We can assist you in setting up audit systems, we can carry out external audits to verify your existing systems, we can carry out acquisition audits if you need information on the environmental liability of  proposes acquisition or partnership; and we can report on environmental "weak points" that may need consideration.

Strategic Advice: First World Business Consultants offer consultation to sectors assessing how their business is likely to be impacted by environmental and social issues, new regulations, consumer concerns, and supply chain issues and help companies develop appropriate policies and management systems to manage these business risks.

Development Impacts and Planning: Our staffs have a good understanding of the local and international environment, the regulatory needs and community concerns and are able to use this knowledge to help develop solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders in the developed and developing countries.
Managing Liabilities and Risks: Our work in this area falls into two categories: assisting with mergers and acquisitions to help buyers and sellers fully understand the potential financial value of environmental liabilities; and working with corporations to understand and manage risks.

Managing Contaminated Sites: We provide assistance around the world developing clean up solutions and working with the client as project managers to remediate the sites. At a corporate level, we are working with property managers to devise strategies for managing the entire portfolio of contaminated sites.

Brian the  Chief consultant at First World Business Consultants and he is the owner of the company. Has worked for British American Tobacco where he got his Scholarship, experience, traineeship and mentoring between 1993 and 2000. Brian has been involved in research with various private consulting groups within this period to now. He has been involved in environmental supervision for several years providing extensive knowledge of environmental management and marine conservation issues within Southern Africa and abroad. His scientific studies focused on food science, project management and environmental management. Brian graduated from Birmingham University in 2002, and now focuses primarily on running the consultancy firm and doing environmental community projects. He is a chartered environmentalist and accredited by Environmental Science Committee of Heads of Environmental Sciences (CHES) Accreditation Scheme.

Brian is currently working on a project with the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) introducing Green Pack to African countries.
A multi-media educational resource pack The Green Pack is a multi-medium environmental education curriculum kit to teach children about environmental protection and sustainable development. The Green Pack is primarily intended for European primary school teachers and their students. The Green Packâ??s interactive and multi-media presentation makes it a lively source of information for anyone interested in environmental challenges.