FWRD provides a customised CRM system to suit your particular business requirements. Whether you want to analyse how effective your marketing strategy is, organise email marketing campaigns, generate and convert sales leads, etc., we can deliver to your specifications. We also provide training on how to make the most of your new CRM package and ongoing support if you need it. And, although based in Perth, our cloud-based service affords us and you the flexibility to operate from anywhere in the world.
FWRD has an unblemished record in helping small business owners yield profits by improving their organisational systems and procedures. We know and understand the world of small business and start-ups and how easy it is to become overworked and overstretched. A lack of cash-flow, not having the means to hire additional staff, inability to acquire and retain customers, unable to afford an effective marketing strategy, etc., are a few reasons that businesses fail to prosper.
They trust our expertise to address these needs and help them to extract profit from their database. We chose to partner with Zoho as our preferred service provider precisely because its CRM system is affordable to small businesses and because it achieves results.