The first Indian focus karaoke app - Gaao Karaoke is newly released

At the ending of 2015, King Sing Interactive Entertainment Inc  has successfully released iSing Karaoke along with Hindi and other 7 languages. During only 2 months, iSing quickly ranked top 10 in Music&Audio of Google Play store in India. With the high marks of iSing, King Sing has now come up with a new karaoke app specially designed for Indian users - Gaao Karaoke, currently Android based only.

Compared to iSing, Gaao is much more Indian friendly and covering the most abundant Indian tracks, mostly Bollywood. You can find not only Hindi songs, but also other Indian languages such as Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu etc. Surely, including English.  For those who want to sing in freestyle, Gaao offers an option " sing without karaoke tracks" or " bina music ke gaana ".

1. Self-recording with video or music by professional voice enhancement technology and download your favorite karaoke songs for free, make your own radio.
2. Unlimited playlists: Romantic Hits, Sad Songs, Rock, piano. Popular stars like Arijit Singh, John Legend and Bruno Mars.
3. Publish the songs and received comments and likes.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gaao.karaoke5. You can create free style music performances by recording a "sing without karaoke tracks" or "bina music ke gaana".
6. With the Map feature, you can check out the covers sung by people nearby in Gaao map and hangout with good singers in real life.

To record songs is pretty easy. Select the songs you want, you can choose in both MP3 (audio) and MV (video) formats, and download the songs for free. Then, you can record along with the lyrics streaming on the app screen. Once record over, you can edit your works. Gaao offers some special voice effects like Studio, Concert, Theater etc. To experience new feature, go Gaao and have a try. You can publish the nice songs and make others heard, they'll give you "Like", "Comment", "Share". You can meet and make many friends who also like singing as you. The recordings can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc to show your great works to your friends.

Gaao will hold the giveaway contests irregularly, last week, they held a contest - Due with Gaao Stars and win Xiaomi Phones which has attracted a lot of users, and now still on going. You can enjoy singing and gain a chance to take the prizes home.

Overall, Gaao is a great karaoke app for Indian users, if you are a karaoke lover, don't miss it. To find more new features, you can download Gaao Karaoke on Google Play to experience them: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gaao.karaoke