To educate our children and communities concerning the importance of the love, acceptance and cooperation needed to reduce the bullying epidemic. Using our unique, hands-on, proactive approach, in combination with our creative core programs and strategic partnerships, we will provide communities with the tools and resources necessary to promote a culture of Upstanders to reduce the bullying epidemic.

Generations Against Bullying (GAB) formed in December 2012 after two bomb threats were made in two consecutive years at a local high school in Wisconsin. The bomb threats were a direct result of bullying. Linda Lee, GAB’s founder, was inspired to make a difference and offer new solutions to stop bullying.

GAB is a unique anti-bullying organization providing services and programs to children, parents, schools, churches, business, law enforcement, and communities in Wisconsin, to help them understand the bullying epidemic. GAB believes the answers to the bullying epidemic lie within the hearts of all citizens in the community. Our programs are structured around the fact that each and every child and adult are beautiful, and an integral piece in the fabric of society. We are all woven together, and we must stand together to change the culture of learning.

Our programming revolves around the idea of becoming an Upstander. The act of being an Upstander is heroic. It is not suggested or expected by society. It takes incredible courage and strength. It is a sign of greatness. It is an act of love. Historic figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Clara Barton, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Mahatma Gandhi, made their mark on history by acting as Upstanders motivated by the love for others. GAB seeks to inspire communities, and cultivate future leaders, through a message of love. Becoming an Upstander is an act of love our world is in great need of.

GAB was founded and exists to share a message of love through various programs held in our communities and within our schools. All of us have an extraordinary ability to change the world. GAB strives to be a platform to tap into the inherent yearnings of love and cooperation and create Upstanders.

Come join us at a local GAB Community Movie Event and see for yourself how Upstanders will change the culture of learning!