I myself am ADHD and am very restless. I am very energetic. Ironically is that I discovered myself feeling much much better and feeling more positive after I shed those unwanted pounds.

This is the reason for me to share this with you. I discovered that I had a real hard time to lose those “unwanted” weight on me after I was pregnant five times. (Naturally, I am a slender person) I love food, of course. One day I just got fed up of how I feel. I decided to just go out for a walk and cut out those certain “comfy” food. It took me a long time to lose those unwanted pounds on me. I even went to a gym to work out. After two years of going to gym faithfully, I felt so frustrated because I don’t see any change in me. My weight stayed the same and no changes. I Googled and came up with a home exercise program. I decided to try this for 60 days or I get a full refund. I can’t lose any if there is a guarantee.

After 60 days, amazing, my figure finally changed. Those unwanted pounds just melted away.

That is when I realize that gym is not always the answer.

This site is entirely for resources, motivation as well as inspiration. You are not the only one in this world who have the difficult of melting away those unwanted fat.

Enjoy and I welcome any comment or idea, or even motivation or anything.