Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both unique expertise and unique experience for online marketing. Galaseo is SEO Company Jakarta, Indonesia. It aims at ranking your website at the top of search engine results (Google and Bing) to get free and organic traffic. This is the very fundamental reason why you need SEO in the first place. Without comprehensive as well as integrated efforts, your website will not get proper and anticipated journey that will lead to goals as pre-determined.

Key benefits of search engine optimization are brand awareness, user engagement with good site navigation, high value search page and commercial intent, targetted traffic. Whenever your website occupy top positions in search results, the impressions will be significant resulting from exposure. Therefore it will encourage the online users to click on your website. Once the website's homepage and subsequent pages on his/her eyesights, it is crucial that he/she can browse through links on the website easily and conveniently. This is one way to increase product/service knowledge and build up the confidence from his/her own judgment. The more specific the keyword a user type in search box, the high value it is the traffic. The user already has his/her interest to make transaction when the price-benefit match his/her criterium.

Everyday there are billions of searches on Google. Which searches will lead your customers to the products/services you are offering? By putting SEO at work you will be able to put your website ahead of your competitors. The more you optimize, the higher the website will rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). We conduct research for you which keywords will bring relevant searches for your products or services, therefore we need and bring insights into your business to understand its specific competitive advantagees. Then we will compare your online advantages over your competitors. If your competitors perform SEO then there is head to head competition which will pose more creative and strategic emulation and differentiation. This is not to be worried about though. Google has hundreds of ranking factors to align with. Your competitors may not know all your SEO elements. With SEO experts like GALASEO, we can focus on tracking and implementing better SEO strategies from time to time.

Website is expected to be automatic, 24-hour 7-day a week online marketing tool. Instead of going after customers without having some knowledge on their needs, SEO brings the customers for your products/services when they search online. There is higher rate of turning them from cold to hot prospects. It is their own drives that lead to your website for your specific products and services.

At Galaseo, we combine high quality SEO with internet marketing, and website design and development to bring from simplistic to advance approach that would effectively bring control to the client to develop its business as it grows based on the market demand. We work to custom tailor the implementation to suit specific clients' needs.

Other aspect of keeping good impression of your brand is by engaging GALASE(O for online reputation management (ORM). Many brands may look ugly because of a few negative comments, reviews or articles appear in the first page of searches regarding your brand or name. As story of law of ratio reads, it is inevitable that there may be small portion or percentage of your consumers who may feel unsatisfied for your product or service. Then they put it out online to show their dissatisfaction. Negative contents tend to spread well because of virality. Because of this factor, it may rank well on Google. ORM services will combine strong SEO and cyber PR to blend well on making those negative contents "dissappear" from first page.

Online reputation management is more complex process to run, because some content may be published on mainstream media's websites, review sites, and other high authority sites as well. The process will involve active participation to bring quality content to bring changes you have implemented to address the issue. Or we cover all the aspect for you with SEO and digital PR.

The professional founders in Galaseo are dubbed master SEO Indonesia who is Charlie Sianipar and SEO Ninja Indonesia who is Tandil Wijaya. We cultivate relationship for long term mutual benefits as SEO itself is long term process, at least 6 months or more. Before Galaseo, Charlie Sianipar has been actively growing his busineses with SEO techniques. Charlie can show you numerous case studies where there are specific things that will be revealed. It can be good opportunity to understand your business and what Galaseo can do for your business. We are business centric practitioners. This makes it important to hire an SEO company that knows the industry by heart and passion. Those advantages and benefits will not materialize if you don't take time to understand the process throughout discussions and live demo.