Gallery AlSharq is a provider of exclusive oriental and Middle Eastern stock photography, images and digital content: vectors, sound effects, mobileVAS, 3d images, and editorials. This includes thousands of images (segmented into multiple, unique categories) that have been sourced from reputable photographers from across the region.

Major customers of Gallery AlSharq include advertising agencies who will utilize the products (photographs) to generate and develop creative collaterals for their respective clients. Customers also include production houses, print houses, TV channels, print media, telecom operators, and regional websites who need stock photography to complete projects that are based on oriental photography.

Customers will purchase these products because of their unique nature as being oriental photographs. Gallery AlSharq knows this from extensive previous experience and constant communication with various advertising agencies and photographers in the region. Gallery AlSharq believes its customers will perceive its products to be of the highest quality and value.

Gallery AlSharq’s pricing strategy is based on flexibility; customers can choose from various packages according to their needs and budgets. There are two main methods. Pay as you go (this is where customers can buy credits to buy individual pictures with no time commitment) and the second method consist of monthly subscriptions (three months, six months, twelve months, with specific credits allocated each month).