Gallery Particulier represents artworks that are of a high quality, and show relevance to our times and communities. People in Brooklyn can apply to host the work. A contained screening process is carried to ensure the art will be safe. The work needs to be returned after three months (loan is renewable) with the option to buy it if it is for sale. Art pieces exhibited are either owned by Gallery Particulier, on sale or on loan from artists and collectors.

Artists can let the Gallery have pieces on loan or for sale. The works will then be exhibited in homes that have been screened as a suitable environment for an art piece, and can be retrieved within a few days’ notice. Artists will have their work seen, appreciated through the community, as well as gain media attention through the Gallery’s outreach.

Just as anyone can be a gallerist, anyone can be a patron, and a collector. Buying work through Gallery Particulier provides means to both support artists and to enrich people’s lives through the enjoyment of art works. Participation will be acknowledged in Gallery materials as well as through outreach to media, unless the patron prefers anonymity.

The Gallery will be establishing connections with other organizations and institutions such as libraries, to scale up its paradigm. Attendance of museums and galleries is in decline, particularly in certain underserved communities. Because the art world services such a small proportion of artists and people, the Gallery aims at looking for, and implementing, additional ways to connect art works and people directly, bypassing the system in place.