GALT YOURSELF and then say " i "™

The idea for this company came long before I'd even heard of Objectivism, Ayn Rand, or John Galt. I'd often campaign against stupidity, hypocrisy, and the irrational, by plastering my car with inflamatory sayings printed on colorful construction paper, the words meant to slap the reader in the face with truth.

I always got a lot of attention driving around - either honks and supportive waves, or honks and the middle finger salute.

But that was - and is - the point. Western culture has been dumbed down and drugged up to the nth degree, and the majority of people simply slog along in an apathetic stupor. It's not that people aren't capable of "common sense".

It's that society as a whole has been brainwashed and is sleepwalking through life, each person afraid of their own self and abilities. It's as if people are more afraid of others thinking they are prideful and selfish, than they are of wasting their lives!

But no surprise, when this is the message the majority of people hear from the time they're born:

"Pride comes before a fall."

"It is better to give than to receive."

"Don't be selfish."

These and many more religious concepts have permeated the fabric of our lives to the point where a child of talent is expected to hold themselves back, lest their greatness make others feel bad. And if the child won't do it, the 'responsible' adults will make sure that it happens.

God forbid anyone take pride in something they have accomplished or created. Or in the fact that they DO have talent, DO have an intelligent mind, DO have the capability to both think logically and feel the entire complex range of human emotions, intensely.

Someone needs to wake these people up. I'm stepping up to take responsibility for what I can do, and I'm doing it. I'll be one of those "someone's", because it's who I am and have to be.

This company is not your typical Atlas Shrugged shrine, however. Where applicable, credit is given for quotes by Ayn Rand, and indeed, most of the ideas presented here are in line with Objectivism.

But I believe in evolution. The ideas of Nathaniel Branden, Dr. Napoleon Hill, Bruce Lee, and my favorite Jesus - the righteously angry, purposefully selfish Christ - all have impacted me and inspired me to live a more passionate, logical, productive life.

The ideas presented through the brand will thus be a reflection, and a result, of that evolution.

This entity and brand will continue to change and grow, as I have always had a desire to do something in the fashion industry. For now, the wonders of technology allow for a range of simple t-shirts and casual wear, as well as accessories. The point of that is simply to spread the messages.

But also in production are a variety of more fashionably inclined clothing items, and that's the direction the company is headed in the future.

Creators have long used fashion to spread the messages they believed in - indeed, for all of human history. Now, finally, there's a message of real logic and truth for a world sorely lacking it.

So get yourself a t-shirt, a poster, some LOVE IS LOGICAL underwear.

Then get ready to explain yourself.

Defending what you believe - as you most certainly will be forced to do - only helps to solidify the understanding of truth in your own head. Being constantly reminded of who you are and what your purpose is, well, that can only have a positive effect.

Just as Hank Rearden had to work through the contradiction he was living with, between what he truly believed vs. how he lived in his relations to others, so you and I also continually must check ourselves, our motives, the facts...and make sure we're really being honest with the person in the mirror.

And inspiring others by what you believe - as will hopefully be the case! - will truly make the world a better place. I'm tired of living surrounded by idiots, quite honestly. Sometimes it's just easier to walk into a room with a shirt that declares "AS YOU THINK, SO I RESPECT YOU" and serve notice of one's beliefs right up front.

You're likely to find that, while polarizing, you'll open the door for those who believe it but still harbor fears of societal backlash, to step out into the light and join you in freedom.

If you're fed up and frustrated, about to disappear...don't. Don't remove yourself from society.

Just GALT YOURSELF, and then say " i "™.

- Josh Galt, brand creator