G-1 Corporation, an affiliate company of GPM, Inc., is a full service marketing/public relations agency whose role is to promote local properties owned by the George P. Mitchell family as well as community and philanthropic projects affiliated with G-1 Corporation.  G-1 was established in 2004 with the position of a Director of Special Projects working with the President of G-1 Sheridan Lorenz to develop new projects for the betterment of Galveston.  These initial projects include the Safe Haven at West Point Church, the Music Trade Cottage at GISD and establishing FeatherFest and the Farmer’s Market.  

In addition to these projects, G-1 supports various Mitchell properties in Galveston including The Tremont House, the Hotel Galvez, Harbor House, and Pier 21, as well as 15 buildings located in The Strand National Historic Landmark District.  G-1 takes the primary role in planning and coordinating the Tremont House’ annual Mardi Gras ball.  

G-1 Corporation’s role is to position GPM, Inc. properties in the forefront in the tourism market as well as launch the “You Belong on Our Island.com” marketing campaign to potential residents through media partnerships, public relations and marketing efforts in the Greater Houston area, Texas and surrounding states as well as nationally.