Every day, thousands of Canadians sign up for volunteer or paid opportunities, travel, expand their family through adoption, or file an application to formally become a citizen – all of which require first undergoing a criminal record check.

Accredited by the RCMP, Gambit ID provides those requiring a criminal record check a host of advanced, time-saving identification services from its three office locations in Ottawa.

Further ensuring its superior service and cost-efficient delivery, Gambit ID is an affiliate of Canada's premier security company, Commissionaires.

At Gambit ID, we are committed to doing things differently; we see hard working individuals walk through our doors, deserving nothing less than fast, friendly and reliable service. That is why we work so hard to make sure you receive nothing less than the best service in the industry.

Gambit ID is the most technologically advanced office in the city. We operate with only the latest, fastest, most reliable and secure systems available. Our mobile-friendly online scheduling app makes finding an appointment time that’s convenient for you fast and easy. We also allow for you to pre-pay online to help speed up the process even further. Make sure you choose Gambit ID for your background services needs; you’ll be glad you did!