About gamecity:Hamburg
gamecity:Hamburg has more than 2,000 members and is the largest regional network of the games industry in Germany. A division of the Hamburg@work initiative for media, IT and telecommunication, gamecity:Hamburg is concerned with creating an optimal business environment for the industry in Hamburg. The target groups are computer, console and mobile game developers and producers, as well as related industries such as advertising, technical service providers, online agencies, and music and film production companies from Hamburg and Europe. The network helps companies to establish cooperation agreements and break into new markets. In addition, gamecity:Hamburg supports local businesses by providing a broad range of services including workshops, industry meetings, joint trade show appearances in Germany and abroad, recruiting tours, affordable office space, consulting for start-ups and qualification programmes. To provide demand-oriented training of junior staff, a Games master’s degree programme was created in cooperation with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) which began in the 2010 summer term. gamecity:Hamburg is a public-private partnership headed by Stefan Klein (Hamburg@work) and Achim Quinke (Quinke Networks).

Additional Information:
www.gamecity-hamburg.de / www.hamburg-media.net
www.facebook.com/gamecityHamburg / www.twitter.com/gamecityHamburg

Stefan Klein
Habichtstraße 41
22305 Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49/40/22 70 19 - 41
Fax: +49/40/22 70 19 - 59
E-mail: stefan.klein@hamburg-media.net

Achim Quinke
Quinke Networks
Bei den Mühren 70
20457 Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49/40/43 09 39 49
Fax: +49/40/43 09 39 97
E-mail: aq@quinke.com