GAM Tech is an IT service provider based in Calgary and serving Western Canada. We do hardware, software and services. We have two main areas of our business; managed services and one off infrastructure projects. For managed services we look after the day to day operations of all of your IT. Things like desktop support, email, network and server maintenance.

For IT infrastructure we do things like design and install networks, servers, voip phone systems, data management etc. A good infrastructure project for us would be something like a 300 person company who needs to expand their network. We would design the solution and install the switches and routers.

Our tag line is that we boost business productivity through technology. We’re very good at understanding a client’s business objectives and tailoring the technology to support those goals. We work with a lot of different clients and a lot of different technologies so we’re up to date on the latest tools and ideas that will enhance your IT.

We work in the mid market space and as a result our tech guys have a very broad skill set across all the big vendors like Cisco, VMware, EMC, etc. You wouldn’t find this at our bigger competitors who are a lot more specialized. The result is that we’re particularly good at designing a cross vendor solution that fits with the client’s objectives. For example we might design a Dell server running VMware and using EMC storage and because we have done a lot of this we’ve learned which technologies work well together and which ones don’t.

At the end of the day we understand that your IT is a just tool to support your business and from us you want that tool to be the best, most reliable tool it can possibly be. So we’ll deliver that great tool and we’ll do it with a smile on our face and spring in our step so you will see that we are constantly trying to earn your approval and satisfaction.