Gantner Instruments is a worldwide leader in Test & Measurement instrumentation for  Automotive Testing, Solar Monitoring, Structural/Stress Testing and Industrial Process Measurement & Control.  Gantner Instruments modules are designed to provide the highest accuracy, speed and durability required by the auto, manufacturing, solar and engineering industries.  Q.bloxx, Q.gate, Q.raxx, Q.staxx, and e.bloxx series instruments are scalable, "hot-swappable", and affordable.  Gantner Instruments can custom design or provide simple integration with a wide variety of software packages. Flexibility is key in Ganter Q. series and e.series.  Data acquisition and exchange through Modbus, Fieldbus, Ethernet TCP/IP or UDP, EtherCAT, Profibus DP, or CANopen can be easily and precisely performed by Gantner modules.