A huge selection of garage door spares and parts with customer service to match.
As a small family business we can keep our prices low, offer a Free Delivery Option and even provide you with Fitting Instructions.
Every week lots of garage doors break in the UK - through general wear and tear or misuse! Companies can be called out to fix your door, but will charge extortionate amounts.

We provide you the spares, better customer service, and fitting instructions
whilst saving you money!

Have you got a broken garage door cable?
If so Please see our Garage Door Repair Kits!

New! Our own range of Garage Door Repair Kits to suit most garage doors in the UK - these include cones, cables and roller spindles!
These kits have been put together by myself, to save our customers money as an alternative to buying all of the parts separately.
We have many years experience repairing garage doors, this expertise will ensure that you get the right part for your garage door repairs.
This knowledge also ensures that once you have replaced the parts by following our fitting instructions, your garage door will be as good as new to operate!

The Right Tools for the Repair

Garage Door Spares have themselves have carried out in excess of 10,000 repairs to garage doors in West Yorkshire over the years.
We know that it is almost impossible to make your door work with your new parts if you don't have the right tools for the job.
Most spares websites simply sell you the parts and still leave you with a broken garage!

You can find the spare part you need very easily on our website!
Either click the manufacturer of your part you need (on the left, lower menu) or simply choose the type of spare part that you need from the Categories (on the left, top menu)

We stock most garage door spares from Cones and Cables to Locks and Handles and Springs, made by Henderson, Garador, Cardale and all other UK manufacturers.

Buying your spare parts online?

Buying garage door spares online couldn't be easier for you.
Select the part you need, simply click add to cart (top right of page) and select the quantity you require.
We accept payment by PayPal or Credit / Debit Card.
We give you the Option of 2nd Class Post (Free) or should you require your garage door spares urgently for a little extra fee the Option of 1st Class Post.
Your part will be dispatched usually the same day, and delivered via Royal Mail or Interlink Courier should your spares be quite a large parcel! Check our products page for more information on this.

Why not fix your garage door quickly and easily this weekend before it gets any worse?


Most of the  Fitting Instructions have been produced by myself, they are designed in a step by step easy to follow format which will help with the fitting of new cables, springs, roller spindles or general routine maintenance.

*I am constantly updating and adding more Fitting Instructions, if the Instructions for your garage door part is not yet listed please ask for assistance.*

The Fitting Instructions will help with:

How to replace cones and cables for the most popular up and over garage doors!

How to change garage door roller spindles!

How to add more tension to Henderson Overhead Canopy Main Spring!

How to fit Overhead Canopy Door Springs to some of the most popular garage doors!to a Henderson, Garador, King and Wessex.


All repairs on this page are possible and relatively easy to carry out and complete by any DIY enthusiast

Before attempting to carry out any maintenance or repairs to a Garage Door please read carefully any Instructions provided for that particular make of door.

The springs on Garage Door are usually held under a good deal tension!

Before any work is attempted on the Garage Door, the tension on the spring or springs must be isolated or released, only after this has been done can any work be completed in saftey!

Please make sure before any work is carried out that you have read any Instructions carefully and you also have the correct parts and tools neccasary to complete the work!

All work is undertaken at your own risk

When replacing garage door cables, please also look at the condition of the roller spindles.
If these show any signs of wear (ie, if the rollers are sliding up and down and not rolling)
now is the best time to also replace them.
By replacing both cables and roller spindles will make sure your garage door works like new!

If you have any problems, or require any assistance please do not hesitate to e-mail me  richard@garagedoor-repairs.co.uk
I will do my best to answer any questions you may have, thank you.