Here at Garage Shelving Ltd we have one simple target; to offer you high quality products at competitive prices with most importantly great service!

All of our shelving and racking products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, they are extremely durable and are able to withstand considerable loads. We specialise in shelving and racking but we also offer much more besides – from workbenches and safety equipment to tools and ladders. Our product range is continually expanding but, whatever your requirements, you can be confident that all of our products are of the very highest standard when it comes to product quality.

Garage Shelving Ltd is a company that can offer you solutions to keep everything in your garage or other storage rooms neat and tidy. We offer quality solutions at a range of prices where you can find a solution that fits your needs and your budget. The garage shelving comes in different sizes including different heights and widths. The garage shelves are made from a choice of materials so that you can find the one that is most suitable for your needs. There is also pallet racking available, if this is more suitable for your needs.

Of course, shelving is all well and good, but often you do not want to put things straight onto shelves. Therefore they offer a lot of different storage solutions so that things can be neatly packed away first. Therefore there is a range of storage boxes, containers and trays for you to be able to sort all of your items before stacking them up on the shelving. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes, which means that it is easy to find something that will be suitable for putting in the things that you need to store as well as being able to fit on the garage storage shelves that you have decided to order.

It will make everything look so much neater once it is all neatly packed away. Having everything labelled will mean that it will be easy to find things as well. Imagine being able to walk into a neat storage area and easily retrieve what you were looking for. Garage Shelving limited even sell labels so you can get everything that you need all from the same company.

There are also workbenches and workstations available as well with seating, cupboards and lockers as well. This means that if you need items to make your storage space into a working space then you can get these as well. This means that you can more easily do stock taking, packaging or other jobs that need to be done in the storage area. It is worth therefore taking a look at our full range of items so that you can figure out which will be the most suitable for you and your needs. You may find that you see things that will be really helpful that you didn’t consider to start with. So look at the storage and shelving as well as the workbenches and accessories to see which solutions will be the best.