Situation     As a general populace, we have not been the best stewards of our planet.  We have polluted our soil, our air, and our water with industrial output and waste products. The amount of trash generated per capita is on the rise, and we believe this trend needs to be reversed.

Mission     Garbage Gone Glam’s mission is to raise awareness of environmental and health issues facing our “throwaway” society.  Through fashion shows, environmental expositions, and other events we will draw attention to the volume and variety of trash thrown away each year, and point out alternative uses and strategies for their use.  A website will further explore these venues.

History     The concept of Garbage Gone Glam was created by Kristen Alyce Frerichs in 2008.  Inspired by a genuine desire to raise environmental awareness in a way that has never been attempted, Kristen fashioned her first dress entirely out of magazines and plastic bags. Being a true artist, Kristen knew her collection of Vogue & Elle magazines along with large amounts of plastic grocery bags could be put to use again. People around her thought it was an extremely creative idea and so it began evolving. A couch made of water bottles, a men’s suit out of newspaper, bowls and decorative trees out of old magazines all became realities.  Each new item raises the awareness of the sheer volume of that material that goes into landfills, and the fact that we could simply give this garbage a new life. The first Garbage Gone Glam (GGG) fashion show was held October 3, 2009 in West Palm Beach drawing in over 500 attendees to the event.  Brittany Wells joined GGG in the fall of 2009 and others have now followed suit.  Clearly the idea has caught on.

Our Work     The Fashion Line: The fashion line originally began as an effort to raise environmental awareness in the fashion world. Today the fashion line not only fulfills its original purpose of inspiring others to reduce, reuse, and recycle; but has also come to provide an entirely new marketing niche for forward thinking and environmentally conscious corporations.  Advertising packages are now available that permit corporations to partner with GGG and to use their byproducts in an original fashion design.