I’m retired so just looking over the site to find my way around the web. Have had a go on FaceBook and Twitter but have not Twittered as yet.
I am working on a lens at Squidoo and a friend told me it should take about 20 to 30 minutes to make one up.  As its all so new to me I worked on it for a couple of week.  I find it all takes such a lot of time.  I like to go sailing in my dinghy, gardening and a bit of music now and then.  These days I tend to snooze in front of the telly a lot.  I’ve been working on another web page of my own, but its not ready as yet.
I’m an old newbie so am finding my two left feet, as I plod along to look through a few sites.  I’ve been having a go at creating lens in the Squidoo site and it’s about gardening.  That took me about two weeks to set up.  
A friend told me it should only take about 20 to 40 minutes to set up a lens.  Anyway I had a good look around the site and learnt quite a lot.  

I’ve also been having a go in Facebook and Twitter and it all seems to take up so much time.  At the moment I am also working on building up my own domain. Just as well I am retired and can spare a bit of time on it all. (Though the wife’s not too happy, with me stuck to the computer).

When I get it finished I’ll upload it to the web, if I can figure it all out that is.  Anyway it will be an information site for couples that have split up and are seeking advice. The site name is:-