GARY KAZOO: A KAZOO FOR YOU is a children’s music project meant to introduce preschoolers to the concepts of rhyming, dancing, rhythm, melody and all sorts of excitement associated with music and movement.  A whimsical, colorful character, Gary Kazoo sings, dances and kazoos his way through songs about a wide range of kid-friendly topics.

Knowing that a child exposed to music is learning several key developmental skills, Gary Kazoo’s goal is simple: to help children learn, laugh, sing, dance, develop, and grow while he sings songs, plays Kazoos and shows children that they can make music too!

Gary Kazoo (aka Gary Silberman) has been a professional musician, dj and funny guy for over 15 years. A prolific songwriter, he has written and collaborated on over 150 songs in all genres – including Rock and Roll, Country, Folk, Blues, Americana, and Children’s Music.

Foster creativity in preschoolers through music
Introduce young children to music fundamentals: rhythm, melody, rhyme, harmony
Produce fun, educational music about subject matter appropriate for children under 6 years old