Our mission is to promote independent, cross-disciplinary experimental gene therapy injury research and cutting-edge treatment opportunities for all injured individuals, to hold those responsible accountable, and to establish national security safeguards to prevent future harm. 

We as a society and a global community, require brutally truthful answers to many questions about the origins; oversight; politics; conflicts of interest; potential racketeering, collusion, economics;  ambiguous and confusing public health mandates, testing and treatment protocol selection; vaccine design, manufacture and testing; product literature; clinical trial and test data; potential of known and probable side effects including but not limited to infertility and death; patient healthcare records and raw data from many sources (including Federal Government Agencies, Pharma companies, Financial Institutions), denial of some treatments, deaths, reporting accuracy, legal and liability elements, and more.  

Of primary importance and one of the critical work streams early in the Initiative will be to determine, scientifically,  and conclusively if the virus occurred naturally or was man-made, and if so, by whom, why, where, when, and who funded it.  The Vaccine Injury Independent Research Initiative (VIIRI) will provide the answers we are all seeking.

Every day that passes without VIIRI fully in place is another day away from relieving human suffering, our opportunity to produce successful outcomes as fast as possible will only be possible with a dedicated team, an open, flexible, collaborative and secure framework and the right sponsorship to enable the professionals to do their jobs with integrity and without influence or interference.