Business Meetings – Interactive Speeches – Workshops

Improv Odyssey’s method gives each and everyone the opportunity to play, be spontaneous, become self-aware and transform. These skills are necessary for our working life, but are also necessary for the bigger stage of our own lives.

I work with corporations, associations, actors, improv troupes, educators – if fact, any group who is looking for a really fun, interactive, informational and inspirational process that requires
Teamwork -  Enhanced performance - New insights - Better communication skills - a happier, more productive workplace.

Join me on a journey to your playful self as I coach you toward the source of your own treasure house of creativity; An excursion into the intuitive where you can explore new ways to work, by releasing your natural ability to play with abandon as we all did when we were young.

About Gary Schwartz: Speaker, Coach, Workshop Leader.
Gary Schwartz is an award-winning, TV and film actor, director, comedian and a master improvisational acting coach whose 30 years as a performer and Improv teacher has helped transform the lives of thousands of people, both on- and off-screen.

Gary is a passionate, dynamic improv coach and facilitator. He is the founder of Improv Odyssey, an exciting approach to changing the way people work and play.