Gate One Health is a cloud based software with over 120 safe, effective “fitness breaks” that get employees active, quickly!  All routines are created by Certified Personal Trainers to ensure all employees, within all operational areas, can partake in safe, effective “fitness breaks” in less than 5 minutes!

Unlike other wellness programs that primarily appeal to motivated, health conscious individuals the Gate One Health approach focuses on sedentary workers.  Individuals with a greater rate of sick time, lower productivity and higher health care costs.  We eliminate excuses and activate use by utilizing pre-programmed personas that align with the employee’s functional role and individual activity level.  These “smart” personas constantly adjust to the user based on performance and feedback.  The software can be deployed enterprise wide or specifically designed to address functional areas like Call Centers, Warehouse, Assembly and Drivers.  

At Gate One Health, we also recognize that corporate wellness is like a personal exercise program, you may start with good intentions but many times finish with excuses and unrealized goals.  We have designed the solution to eliminate the biggest hurdles; I don’t have time, I don’t know how to get started and I am not seeing results.  Our barrier busting software offers simplicity in integration and set-up.   We get companies active, quickly so no matter if it is their first wellness platform or part