J. Robert Gavin, Jr., MD is located at the Sport & Spine Institute within Moss Creek Village in Hilton Head SC. Gavin Orthopedics offers high quality orthopedic health care catering to athletic injuries and musculo-skeletal disorders. We have staff, equipment, and supplies necessary for the complete orthopedic process including American College of Radiology certified MRI, X-Ray, orthopedic related medical supplies and physical therapy.

Gavin Orthopaedics provides care for many types of orthopaedic conditions. In this complex, changing field, the starting point isn't always obvious. Patients are fronted with many options for treatment and are often unsure if they need to see a specialist or if they just need physical therapy, an MRI or medications as surgery isn't always the best alternative. At Gavin Orthopaedics, we are here to help navigate this challenging process to offer the best solutions for each situation and each individual patient.

Gavin Orthopaedics is committed to providing convenient, compassionate orthopaedic care in a patient focused environment, uniting diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative services for optimal patient care and education.