GayaShopping.com is a price comparison  service website featuring online shopping guides and user reviews to help to find the latest products at the best price available.

The GayaShopping was founded in June 2009. In two months from its launch, GayaShopping.com attracted over 1.4 million unique visitors in the U.S. Also, GayaShopping.com have partnered with more than 2,300 merchants, retailers, and sellers and provide free and unbiased information on millions of products in more than 100 different categories.

As for most comparison shopping services, the main revenue stream comes from selling leads to merchants, using the common model called Pay Per Click (PPC) which is also known as Cost Per Click (CPC).

Minimum CPC rates are set by GayaShopping depending on the product categories. As with Google and other search engines, GayaShopping regularly updates its sorting algorithm. As such, a merchant can theoretically be more competitive in the GayaShopping rankings by doing any combination of increasing product information and stock, improving its satisfaction ratings or simply paying more per click.