Gayle Hayes is an indie author who has written four novels self-published at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes&Noble online.

Gayle's debut novel, Summer Solstice, introduced paralegal Jayme Baker and R. Bates Riggs, sheriff of fictional Port Owen, Montana.  The two sequels are Jayme and the Sheriff: Until Death Parts Us and Jayme and the Sheriff: Riddle of the Rings.

Summer Solstice follows the budding romance between Jayme and Sheriff Riggs as they solve a series of murders.  

Jayme and the Sheriff: Until Death Parts Us begins with a drunk driving fatality, explores the sheriff's efforts to pass new DUI legislation, and ends with the marriage of Jayme and the Sheriff.

The last installment in the series is Jayme and the Sheriff: Riddle of the Rings.  While searching for a literary agent who will find a publisher for her first children's book, Jayme is abducted by the GCHQ in the UK, intercepted by the Army, interrogated by the FBI, and kidnapped by thugs.  This novel revolves around biometrics with a riddle that eludes those in important government jobs because their heart is not in the right place.

In her most recent work, The Sunset Witness, Gayle took a new direction.  She has written a mystery/suspense novel about four strangers who converge on fictional Sunset, Oregon and find their lives entangled as they are propelled to a powerful and unexpected ending.  There are subtleties and twists to entertain and tease readers, not the least of which is the meaning of the title.  Who is the Sunset witness?

Gayle lives to write and enjoys feedback from readers.  She is a one-woman show, doing the writing, publishing, and PR herself.