Ms. Beck believes that the growing dissatisfaction and frustrations of the American people, along with the constant political gridlock in Congress, demands that the time is now for the “silent middle” to emerge in order to restore a measure of sanity to what once was considered a respected elected body of American statesmen. As founder of the Eagles’ Party political movement, she believes Americans need to be Americans first.

Our current political process has reached a plateau of wasteful deficit spending, limited economic growth, outdated educational systems, outdated infrastructure, questionable foreign policies, lack of military strategy and a myriad of domestic uncertainties that requires a need for collaboration at the highest levels possible.  This collaboration is possible only by sending non-democrats and non-republicans to the US House of Representatives to force these two groups to work together.

Residing in Arlington, Ms. Beck is highly motivated by the diversity of the 8th Congressional District. She understands and is committed to the special wants and needs of its residents.

Ms. Beck believes that we should focus on America and Americans first, and our respective political persuasions second.   She further comments that our dysfunctional Congress has been “in park” for too many years, demonstrated by an unacceptable approval rating of 13 percent.

The country is in dire need of fresh ideas and new faces who recognize the importance of compromise; those who can reach across the aisle and set aside differences in order to work for the common good of the American people, and who can persuasively pursue our common objectives. America and Virginia deserve better!