Based at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, GBMP is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to help organizations improve their capabilities and competitiveness through training and application of lean/continuous improvement principles and methods. GBMP’s team of Continuous Improvement Managers has more than 23 years each of shop-floor/managerial experience and they are passionate about keeping and growing jobs in this country. We serve both industry and healthcare clients and our “learn/do” approach is all about rolling up our sleeves and working side by side with employee teams to tackle operational obstacles that workers face every day. GBMP also produces and sells a library of award-winning lean training DVDs which allow organizations around the world to implement our  “learn/do” training approach. Each year GBMP trains over 7000 people on Continuous Improvement principles in customized, on-site classroom and shop-floor training sessions and educates over 2000 more in public workshops, plant tours and an annual Northeast Lean Conference. GBMP is the educational partner of The Shingo Institute in the northeast region.