GBSH Consult is the first-to-market global management consulting firm focused on serving the marketplace for next generation technologies and world best practices in consulting.

The company offers consulting, outsourcing and technology services and solutions to organization both on the commercial and the government sides. The company offers significant competitive advantages to clients in the growing markets for best practices in revenue growth, venture creation, global expansion, restructuring and turn around and much more.

The key strengths are: extensive strategy and expansion expertise; superior track record in delivering consulting services; patented services and global and local based consulting methodologies; capital sourcing; international partners/agents sourcing; trade and development; and a history of business and technology innovation.

Lifecycle Management Services
Product Development Services
Go-to-Market Services
Proof of Concept Services
Project Management Services
Lab and Partner Services
Global Intel Scope Services
Project Based Contracting Services
Strategic foresight and positioning
Brand Equity & Positioning
Capital Sourcing
Trade Investment and Promotion
Sub Saharan Market Entry