Gulf Coast Environmental Systems is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of air, water, and soil remediation pollution control systems including; Scrubbers, Carbon Adsorption Systems, Flares, and Incinerators as well as a full line of Thermal Oxidizers such as Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO), Catalytic Oxidizers, Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers (TRO), Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidizers (TO), Vapor Combustor Units (VCU), and our patent pending Aqueous RTO. Our other product lines include Industrial Ovens, Baghouses, Pipeline and Oilfield Metering Skids, and Combined Heat and Power Equipment.  Our unique approach is to analyze your process stream and business objectives from which we propose an ideal solution or range of options to help achieve and optimize those objectives. We are a full service provider offering engineering services, manufacturing, commissioning, upgrades, retrofitting, and ongoing support and service.

With in-house domestic manufacturing facilities located near Houston, TX at our headquarters, offices in California, Illinois and an international team of pollution control experts we are uniquely positioned to maximize your return while solving all your air, water, and soil pollution control issues. We manage all aspects of your solution: engineering, procurement, manufacturing, testing, installation, commissioning and service and support after the system is complete. Our location offers ready access via truck, train, rail or air.

Most of our products are designed and manufactured in our US facility. However, based on your location, infrastructure and specific national requirements and cost considerations, we can work with local fabricators or equipment manufacturers to further reduce your cost and lead times, as well as satisfying local content requirements.

Let us solve your pollution problem today.