At Global Commodity Exchange (GCX), we realise the importance of a strong relationship between clients and advisors. We make sure to take the time to get to know each individual investor and what his or her needs and requirements are in regard to their investment portfolios. Advisors are limited as to how many clients they handle. This allows us to give each investor the attention they need and deserve as they make important financial decisions.

GCX has offices based within the UK and we hope to soon expand to Europe, the Middle East and Hong Kong. With multiple offices, we have a number of advisors that are available to meet the needs and demands of each investor. Availability and understanding both play a key role in building a solid working relationship.

We encourage all advisors to meet personally with investors, which allow us to get to know our clients. We aim to have a friendly and positive attitude and find that clients become comfortable with their advisors as time goes on. Having this relationship allows our advisors to be personable and direct, which has had a great impact on the growth of the firm.

Spending the extra time to get to know each client and what his or her financial goals are, allows us to make sound decisions and provide advice that will allow the client to make a safe investment with the lowest possible risk involved. Helping clients achieve their financial goals is our mission and it is something that cannot be done without knowing who our clients are and what they desire from their investments.