Geme is a geo-location based platform that inspire people, organizations and local businesses to contribute information in their neighbourhood and/or create and share hyper-local ads to help drive in-store sales.

After signing up, you can explore, create and follow 'Gemies' in a geographical range and local businesses and organizations can reach people with notifications that are relevant to them and their location.

Geme wants local businesses, organizations and people to come together and make our cities more interesting, relevant and better places to live. Whether it is so that people come back to their local stores, browse and find products they like or you create a Geme with a scene from your street, or maybe just show or describe a good idea from your neighbourhood. Sometimes the smallest things we can do in our neighbourhood can have the biggest impact.

Geme uses your location to monitor interesting Gemies, and continued use of GPS running in the background might decrease battery life.

If you have problems with the use of the app, please contact us at hello@geme.io