Tutoring Services in Cape Town:
Coping with the pressures of school or university is often extremely difficult. Many learners require the full attention of a knowledgeable tutor to facilitate their learning and guide them through their studies.

Teacher Agency Link:
GeMi tutoring offers direct correspondence with your child’s teacher wherever possible. This is done to ensure that the classroom is supplemented by the extra lesson, not the other way around. The teacher-agency link will ensure alignment of teaching methods and goals, internalisation of coursework and more efficient preparation for test and exam-time. We believe that long-term success requires communication between all those involved in your child’s education.

Many learners struggle with things such as time management, confidence or a lack of discipline. These have little to do with their academic capabilities yet can be a source of much frustration. For this reason, each tutor will not only provide academic assistance but also serve as mentor to help your child fulfill his or her potential. Tutors will be selected to fit your child’s specific needs and ensure that he or she becomes more efficient, organised and motivated for success in a caring and understanding working environment.